"Odile Fillod is an independent French researcher.

She is particularly known for having designed a stylized model of the clitoris that can be printed in 3D.

Engineer graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris and holder of a DEA in Cognitive Sciences, since 2008 she has been a researcher in Social Studies of Biomedical Sciences.

Her research focuses in particular on the scientific literature contributing to the naturalization of the genre, and on the biases in the transmission of knowledge that are able to counter this naturalization. In connection with this activity, she created the Allodoxia blog on which she develops case studies analyzing the distortion between the factual data reported in scientific journal articles and what various cultural intermediaries make them say.

She also created a website dedicated to the clitoris (Clit'info) and conducted research on the medical history of the organ."



What do we know today about the clitoris, this 10 centimeter long organ at the origin of female pleasure? Odile Fillod, researcher in social studies of biomedical sciences, lifts the veil on this little-known organ:

In 2016, when I created a 3D printable model of the bulbo-clitoral organ, and then looked at the history of its knowledge to discuss it in a conference, I found not only that little reliable information was available online, but that a lot of inaccurate information was circulating about it (via wikipedia, on various websites, in the media, in books for the general public...).

Worse still, new misinformation was spread as a result of the buzz generated by my "3D clitoris", hastily found in the nooks and crannies of the web or elsewhere, unverified and sometimes blithely distorted. After having first tried to track down the misinformation and try to have it corrected, I threw in the towel and decided instead to make the results of my investigations available to everyone on an ad hoc website. 

This way, I hope to contribute to improve the knowledge of this organ by the general public, to put a reliable resource at the disposal of the professionals concerned (teachers, health care professionals, sexuality educators...), and also to contribute to correct certain elements of history and etymology sometimes present including in the scientific literature and which appeared erroneous to me.



Clitoris monologue | Odile Fillod | TEDxParis

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Odile Fillod has made it possible to democratize the anatomical representation of the clitoris by allowing its physical reproduction thanks to 3D printing.


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